Sorry - I haven’t responded in the past because I haven’t wanted to be rude and I don’t have anything nice to say about Alex Jones or InfoWars. But I guess it’s important that I have this conversation. Because of the tone of my response (out of respect for you) I’m going to black-out your user name.

I’ve heard the show, I’ve seen him around Austin (driving and shouting), I’ve watched documentaries about him and I occasionally will browse InfoWars. I think Alex Jones is a racist fool and his opinion is honestly worth less-than-nothing to me. 

Most significantly, he is regularly and loudly racist. All racists, but particularly that special brand of unapologetic, red-in-the-face, mad-as-hell, immigrant-hating, foaming-at-the-mouth cis-hetero-self-righteous-white-man-with-a-microphone have no place in struggles to end oppression or fights for freedom, democracy, social-justice & a better world.

Jones indulges in actual conspiracies, while simultaneously exposing real news that is ignored by the main stream media, which does a disservice to projects like ours, and to communities who are fighting those very real battles against destructive corporate interests and state-oppression that are sometimes highlighted by Jones. It confuses people, it puts ignored-struggles, systemic police brutality, oppression, drone strikes, the war on drugs and real violations of civil-liberties into the same category as secret-reptile-politicians, Illuminati, the “New World Order”, ‘Free-market’ principles, and Revelations-style evangelical Armageddon. That’s some shit I don’t have time or patience for and it’s all I can do to ignore the other media-projects out there who follow this bizarre & harmful narrative.

It takes the mean-spirited nature of conservative racists in the deep-south and it lets them feel like they are fighting oppression (which they endorse and participate in when it is self-serving). Unfortunately they aren’t even willing to confront or acknowledge those problematic tendencies within themselves that are spilling evil out into the world every day. There are LOTS of FB pages (BlindFold, The Peoples Uprising, Truth ‘Whatever’ to name a few) with these same themes advocating for suppression of women’s right to autonomy over their own bodies while simultaneously posting great pictures of marijuana and images of police brutality (especially highlighting the more-rare cases of brutality against white people). This combination is so harmful that I wouldn’t be surpised to find out one day that Alex Jones worked for the CIA or some shit like that. I don’t have any evidence of that; my point is just that what Jones does is literally perfect for those with an interest in perpetuating oppression and dismissing struggle.

And just because I stand against drone attacks & police violence & want drugs to be decriminalized in the U.S. doesn’t mean that I stand with those racist, foolish jerks.

The best thing that anyone who shares this particular brand of politics can do (in my opinion) is confront some of the socially-instilled racist & sexist tendencies within themselves, pursue empathy, develop more critical metrics for judging what sources they are willing to believe and why, read social-justice blogs, theories critical of capitalism, and humanist philosophies and until-such a time that they’ve outgrown their oppressive & problematic tendencies, they should STFU & get out of the way.

I apologize for taking an out-of-character un-empathetic tone in this post. I just really dislike Alex Jones & the like and believe strongly that he is an enemy of liberation. I’m sure you’re not like that though (or at least I hope not and will assume you aren’t until I see evidence otherwise).

Thanks for reaching out persistently and prompting this post. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

-Robert (contributor @ ThePeoplesRecord)