1. Find a way to get involved, make propaganda, join a group, bring the issues up in your group, PARTICIPATE in the #FearlessSummer

    This summer we are escalating action against the Fossil Fuel industry! The stakes are rising & Fearless Summer is our response – a coalition of grassroots groups standing together against extreme energy. 

    Fearless Summer will start with a week of action, but it’s much more than that. Fearless Summer is about mutual aid and cross-pollination. It’s about not allowing ourselves to be divided.

    Like Fearless Summer on Facebook (on Tumblr here) and join us the June 24-29 week of action.

    And join Rising Tide Seattle’s tar sands profiteers’ bike tour Friday June 28th.

    Expect resistance. 

    Thanks to Rising Tide Seattle for the second meme & Tar Sands Blockade for the information.

    We need a movement focused on dismantling the fossil fuel industry and restoring balance to the earth. People are increasingly aware of and exhausted from the environmental devastation happening daily on our planet. The opportunity for a large-scale agitated movement is high. There is so much opportunity for intersectional opportunity for movement work regarding food-access for low income urban communities, indigenous sovereignty/recognition & admission that colonialism has led to this terrible environmental moment, etc.

    There are more & more humans who are involved in this struggle and these are issues that affect people’s lives/livelihood. It’s a great opportunity to talk about capitalism and the profit motive. We need an environmental movement on the scale of what we’ve seen around the world – bigger, wiser & more resilient than occupy. Driven by our desire to survive & move beyond the post-industrial trash that was handed to us.

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